Entrepreneur Parenting | The Anthony Amos


What does it take to be an entrepreneur and at the same time taking on the entrepreneur parenting role?

The first thing you have to decide is do you want your children to be entrepreneurs & more importantly do they !

To me there are only 2 types of parents 1) parents that want their children to be more successful & more influential & to be more wealthy then themselves & 2) the parents that don’t want  their children to be more successful then themselves …. these type of patents deliberately try to keep their kids below their current status to always have that security of  been in control & more “successful”

Th If you truly want your children to successful entrepreneurs you have to lead by example and your actions have to speak louder then your words, what this does is it creates a pattern for them to whiteness on a regular basis & believe it or not it makes you a better entrepreneur with your relationships as it keep you even more accountable.

The old saying “do what I say not what I do” doesn’t work & it’s just that …. a saying ! Kids are always watching and for them to be a succeful next generation entrepreneur you must your actions and leadership on the front foot.