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How I came to America and became mates with blokes like Kevin Harrington


It still feels like only yesterday I sold my interest in my Australian franchise business and packed up the family for an adventure here in the United States of America. Now, with this column in Atlantis Magazine, I’m so excited to share my everyday thoughts on life, relationships, and getting the most from this short but great ride here on earth. More importantly, sharing my secrets for success and happiness with my friends. These thoughts of mine didn’t just develop overnight, they’re a sort of evolutionary result of my personal journey, changing my life, and the lives of so many others, every day. In my life, I have observed so many things, but perhaps the most tragic is when I see people dreaming big and wanting more from life, but they seem afraid to do what it takes to actually make it come to a reality. Quite literally, melting away from the challenge. My mission is to prove beyond any doubt that the only thing standing in your way to bigger achievements, is you. But I’m not only intent on proving it, I’m hell-bent on changing it.



“He may be a Shark to you, but he’s my mate, Kevin Harrington.”

I remember on my arrival here in the states watching the ABC telsvision show, Shark Tank. I paid a special notice to one the Sharks, his name was Kevin Harrington. I loved his business acumen, style, and swagger. This guy was really good and the way he approached entrepreneurialism, magical! I decided right then and there, we would become mates and I was going to catch the “shark on the TV.” You know something about me? The part of my brain that says “you can’t do this” seems to be broken and it always has been. I simply don’t have that thought and I am incapable of such “stinkin thinkin.” As a result, today, Kevin Harrington is one of my best mates. Just imagine if I had feared reaching out to him? My story would be very different. And you know what, I didn’t stop there.

I repeated the process, I kept digging and exploring. Who did I want to align myself with? Who was seemingly unnatainable? Those would be the ones I would seek out. Today, I have so many good friends who are famous or at the top their fields. So many, that most people wouldn’t believe it possible in many lifetimes. But they can and so can you. It’s as simple as effecting a minor shift in your the way you think, the way you see people, and the way you see the future. Your future.




Think about this…… when I arrived on the shores of this amazing country the “US of A,” I knew not one person. Within the short time span of 2 years, I had developed business partnerships and new mates with some of the most exciting, successful, and influential entrepreneurs in the country! Blokes like Kevin Harrington, of ABC’s Shark Tank, or Roger Love, voice coach to the stars, how about Brian Ripka, of Judith Ripka Jewelry? Top notch Americans and now dear mates of yours truly. I even wrote a book about it and Kevin Harrington is one of my contributing authors. What do you think I titled it? You guessed it, How to Catch a Shark!


How many of you have lived here your whole life and still don’t have the relationships you want?


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