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Business Life With Purpose


The business environment has changed rapidly all over the world in the last few years. People no longer simply want a business they can buy products and services from. Customers these days want to see that a business is doing good work in the community, is acting ethically, and is not compromising its values in a heartless pursuit of profits. Customers want to purchase from businesses and people they can connect with.

In Unleashed: Business and Life With Purpose you’ll discover business leadership, entrepreneurship and successful franchising from the perspective of Anthony Amos, Founder of the HydroDog mobile dog-grooming company that conquered Australia and is now expanding throughout the United States. In his unique style, Anthony explains how his approach to life, community and relationships is closely tied to his pursuit of business and humanitarian goals and the building of a brand and legacy.


Anthony shows you how to:

– create and harness positive energy to help build your franchising and entrepreneurial dreams
– build great relationships that will help take your business to the next level
– make a real connection with people, so they become invested in your cause
– create a legacy that will last long after you have left the business
– connect with and develop a community around what you are doing
– use your business as a force for good, not just as a source of profits.

If you follow the lessons from Anthony, your life and your business will be Unleashed.


Anthony’s philosophy with everything he does is that the entire family are incorporated and involved! His wife Rachel is an integral part of all businesses and their children attend business meetings and events to get a taste and understanding of what being an entrepreneur entails! It’s an exciting adventure for everyone.



Anthony Amos